Back to My Routes

Well hello, reader. It’s been a hot minute.

In actuality it’s been about two months. Sorry.

The last few months have been rather tumultuous, with lots changes, ideas and ups and downs.

And in all honesty, I lost the passion for this blog. It became a chore, something pencilled into my week that had to be released at the exact same time, revolving around eye-catching topics and listlces, and nuggets of advice that I’m now not entirely confident about.

I thought it was the end, and I said goodbye to One Broke Gal. I figured it had had its moment and that was all, ta ta, cheerio.

But deep down, I’m still the same broke gal, and in terms of my finances, wisdom and quarter-life crisis, not a whole lot has changed.

I became slightly obsessed with the idea of money, like most of us. After all, thats what spur me to start this blog, because I was lost and more often than not, broke.

But somehow, this platform became a means to make money. I saw people around me making money from blogs and writing, and I thought that I could to. Did I make money? Absolutely not.

Did I jump the gun in my assumetion that “blog = money”? absa-tutely.

Quite suddenly, my blog became about lists and recommendations, about SEO and reaching a certain word count and it became extremely taxing – it was like an unwanted, unpaid job.

I took a little forced hiatus. I gave myself time, but the more time I allowed myself, the less I wanted to come back because I felt a fraud, and worse, a quitter. I dreamt up ideas for new blogs, niche blogs, money making paridigms.

But I still found myself coming back here, cringing, thinking and tweaking.

This space has done an awful lot in terms of boosting my confidence surrounding writing and the sense of support I feel from you, reading it.

In this capitalist society, its normal that sometimes we get a little lost behind materialism and bank balances. Thanks to advertising, policies and social environments, it often feels like everything, at the end of the day, comes back to money.

What you do everyday, what you eat, where you work, where you live, who you see; these are all aspects that affect our lives and are all aspects controlled by money.

Slowly, everything in society is become commodifiable. Our experiences, our ideas, their all either bought or for sale.

And while I am not suggesting I’m above this, (the blog is one broke gal, after all) I’m going rebirth this blog into a type of weekly column, and I’m going to post it when I damn well please (well, not entirely. I will try to keep it slightly structured, but I’m setting myself up for an uncomplicated, relaxing process).

Not something with catchy titles and affiliation links, just me, my thoughts and my rambalings.

I’m basically zippin’ up my boots and goin’ back to my routes, (yeah).

I’ve revamped past posts, archived a few, said bye to others and given one broke gal a makeover.

Maybe it’ll stick, maybe it won’t. But at least now I can look back at my creation with warm fondness, instead of skepticism and bewilderment.

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  1. I enjoy your blogs! There are so so many that I really enjoy reading and then they just don’t post anymore. Even with my blog sometimes I just have nothing to write at all, and I know my blog will never ever make money because I just don’t have the writing capability, but I enjoying writing them. I like looking back at my old posts and bringing back so many memories, it’s like a written history of my life, both good and bad. So keep writing and I’ll read them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yeah thats what I’ve come to realise, that its about processing life and putting down what I’m thinking about, both good and bad as you say. And I love how your blog is like chronicle of your life! Makes me feel like I know you well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah there’s so much you forget and then you look back and remember! Aw sure I’m getting lazy with mine I really need to do more exciting things so I can write about them! Thank you! I know mine is sometimes negative which people don’t like, but to be honest I’m fed up reading about peoples lives and how ‘perfect’ they are. Mine certainly isn’t, so It’s kind of reassuring reading other peoples blogs and seeing that they also struggle in life.


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