Thoughts #1; The Endless Loop of TV

When I began this blog, about a year and a half ago, it served as a space for exploring my thoughts and lightly concealed ranting.

As time passed and life in Madrid felt easier, my urge to vent began to wain and I focused on things that pleased me; saving money, cooking, book and podcast recommendations.

Yet sometimes, I get that little fire again, a little inspiration, but only something to warrant a quick few hundred word speal, a word vomit, for lack of better… words.

So every Thursday or two, I’m going to dabble in my Thursday Thoughts section. Tuesday’s will still maintain the one broke gal mantra of budgeting, and entertainment but Thursdays will serve a little more for me, my ranting and my writing.

Thoughts #1 The Endless Loop of TV

Picture this; you’ve had a long day and your finally home, tea in hand, heating full blast as the rain pours outside, a soft but fuzzy blanket over you on the couch as you switch on the much anticipated Netflix show, the thought of which has been getting you through the dreary day at work.

You settle into the episode, the epitome of chilled, sprawled out in a state of tranquility when a character on the show makes a dig at people who watch television.

– I’m sorry?


Would you prefer if you I switched off your million dollar budget television show, to discover a true passion of mine and live every day without a television with a true sense of deep self-satisfaction and no need to ever buy or consume anything thrown down my throat by your well-payed marketers? Yeah, didn’t think so. 

This intermittent female rage you just witnessed probably stems from my recent readings of a book called “The New Me” by Halle Butler. This is not a recommendation, rather an explanation. Though relevant, I felt quite depressed after reading this modern take on existentialism, a contemporary view of death anxiety, loneliness and aforementioned female rage through a millennial scope. The infuriatingly stagnant protagonist spent most of her free time watching television and I felt unfairly seen. What’s with all the hate for television?

We finally got our television cable working which means we have access to six wholly Spanish television channels. It’s been so long since I’ve watched meaningless loops of cable tv, rather than the premeditation of a Netflix or Amazon binge. 

Who said Netflix culture has solidified our addiction to television? That the next episode button appears so briefly, throwing us into another fifty-minute showing leaving us unable to move? Well, I can confirm that cable tv does the exact same thing, perhaps the only advantage being the advertisements that break it up enough to motivate movement. 

I know some people think that television is rotting our brain, and Netflix culture has evoked an impatience and saturation in how we consume.

But sometimes, after a long day of talking and thinking, is it such a crime to want to switch on the television and switch off your brain?

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts #1; The Endless Loop of TV

  1. I definitely think that people are starting to become more and more critical of those who like to watch a few episodes at the end of a long work day. I find it unfair and, as you rightfully say, sometimes it’s just what you need. Everything in moderation is probably the right motto here – it’s not a good idea to stay up late binge watching a whole season of your favourite TV show but what’s wrong with a couple episodes when you’re feeling tired? Great post, I loved reading it!

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