Sometimes we all just need to hit Ctrl Alt Delete.

In honour of recommending podcasts in the chronological order of me discovering them, today’s recommendation is Emma Gannon’s extensively impressive podcast; Ctrl Alt Delete.

The story of what led me to this podcast is short and sweet this time, in that after binging School for Dumb Women, and intensely following the three women who created it on Social Media (in the least stalkerish way), one of them, Caroline O’Donoghue, posted that she featured on an episode.

So, I immediately followed the link to the episode (again, not stalking) and thankfully it was on Spotify. I had recently deleted my podcast app due to limited space and had only just realised that Spotify has actually got more than just music.

I was pleasantly surprised by O’Donoghues episode, mainly due to Gannon’s journalistic questioning and relevant themes.

I was uncertain whether I would enjoy another episode without knowing the guest, but I tentatively choose one of the hundreds of episodes and was again, pleasantly surprised.

And as I do with all podcasts, I completely immersed myself and listened to as many as I could at all hours of the day, cooking dinner, commuting, in the gym and so on, and found each one better than the next.

I really began to enjoy Gannon’s approach and personal views, and her taste in guests.

The podcast, in general, focuses on the modern world of the internet and tech, how it benefits our work and creativity but also how it affects our well-being, identity, and mental health, also dipping into themes of feminism, careers, and social media.

Overall, it is an extremely relevant podcast to the times we live in, and it really brought to light some prominent, important figures today, some that I hadn’t heard of before it.

I think it is a must listen for everybody, whether you’re looking for inspiration, information or just some insight, it’s for you.

It’s been voted by the Sunday Times as one of the ‘top 50 podcasts’ and WIRED magazines ‘30 best podcasts for curious minds’.

Image result for ctrl alt delete book emma gannon
Image from Amazon UK

It’s based on Gannon’s first book aptly named Ctrl Alt Delete which is about her life growing up alongside the internet and all her confessions and memories of the birth of original social networking platforms like MSN, texting from a Nokia and navigating them throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Though I haven’t read it, her timely podcast is enough for me and it dips into her very pertinent newer book The Multi-Hyphen Method, which I have read.

Image result for multi hyphen method
Image from Corey Reads

This book is for anyone no matter what the generation, who feels a need to change their life, change their career, or simply make time for a hobby or passion.

It details how to live your life on your terms and create a career that works for you by having multiple platforms of skill and success instead of just relying on the old concept of occupation.

Times are changing for careers, and younger people want to carve out new jobs that suit them, myself included. People are bored and unsatisfied with an office 9-5 and need change, and Gannon tells you how.

For me, this podcast and book came at a time when I was grasping out for something, but I didn’t quite identify until now as a desire for change. I needed to realise there was more waiting for me than a dead-end job and an unhappy life.

Besides that, deeply self-evaluating concept, the book, and podcast are extremely light-hearted, enjoyable and educational and you don’t have to be having a quarter life crisis (like me) to relish in them!

Gannon also has another podcast named Get It Off Your Breasts, which I have just started listening to. It is a podcast focusing on unfiltered conversations about modern-day problems in our over-connected society and things that just get under your skin. So far, so good!

Image result for get it off your breast podcast
Image from Acast

Because Ctrl Alt Delete is coming up on 200 episodes, it may seem a little overwhelming at first so here are some of my favourite episodes to get you started:

#40 Laura Bates (Founder of Everyday Sexism): Do we Need an Internet Police?

#56 & #126 & #179 Dolly Alderton (Sunday Times Columnist): On Writing, Friendship, Women We Admire & Not Believing our Own Hype.

#69 Bryony Gordon: Mental Health and Marathons

#107 Lucy Sheridan: How to Stop Comparing and Despairing Online

#131 Emma Gannon herself!

#170 Deborah Jones: F**k you, Cancer.

#173 Caroline O’Donoghue: Reclaiming Chick-Lit

#175 Bella Mackie: Why You Should Jog

#176 Poppy Jamie: On Being Happy, Not Perfect

#182 Sara Tasker: On Building A Six-Figure Business At Homem

#187 Jameela Jamil: A Revolution Against Shame

And with weekly updates, I am sure that there are many more gems to come!



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