New year, new lie!

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New Years Resolutions for 2019:

  1. Stop complaining about people in my head, even people I don’t know. If have problem with a person I know, talk to them like the adult I claim to be.
  2. Stop imagining scenarios that probably won’t happen in my head.
  3. Stop also imagining the conversations that I will never have, when certain unlikely scenario occurs, in my head.
  4. Spend less time imagining things that won’t happen and put these musings towards creative outlets like maybe writing a form of story.
  5. Read 2 books a month – good ones.
  6. Stop re-watching television series and films I have seen hundred of times *Grey’s Anatomy* and instead watch documentaries or series that are beneficial and will gain knowledge from.
  7. Stop spending money on overpriced Starbucks coffee – instead have reusable cup full of trusty homemade coffee when leave house.
  8. Stop talking about saving and helping the environment and actually do something – buy reusable water bottle, don’t use the little vegetable bags at the supermarket etc. etc.
  9. Use time more wisely by focusing on writing, drawing, reading and working rather than lying in bed like potato.
  10. Stop eating so much potatoes.
  11. Make extra effort to help students learn English and obtain goals.
  12. Learn how to carry on a conversation further than ‘I’m good, thanks’ In Spanish.
  13. Start attempting to use Spanish instead of asking someone if they speak English. You’re in Spain, for gods sake.
  14. Get up early and go to the gym and do work, instead of scrolling through Facebook on phone till last possible minute to get up.
  15. Stop measuring success and happiness against others and instead just be happy for everyone and be happy with my own lovely life.

Can you tell I’ve been reading ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ recently?

It’s the time of year to eat too much and drink too much, regretting all that eating and drinking but continuing to stuff our faces hour after hour. But more importantly it’s also the time to reflect on the year, learn from our mistakes, and make promises for next year. This year, I have done way more than I ever expected. I traveled around 10 countries in Europe for 3 months, I worked in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, and I moved to Madrid and started a career in teaching English. All of this seems well and good apart from the brooding new year and new possibilities and need to fulfill more goals.

Only problem is, the whole teaching thing or moving to Spain thing has always been somewhat of the Plan B. And I know they say, if you make a plan B you are probably going to fall back on it, but I really didn’t expect to be doing both plan B’s by the end of this year. And now I am starting to panic. What happens next? what happens if in a few months time I begin to hate teaching? or worse – I don’t want to live in Madrid. I am officially out of plan b’s – and I am the type of girl that needs a plan B to avoid constant worry and making everything perfect so that I actually don’t need a plan B.

So I guess my most important New years resolution is to stop focusing on plan B’s, other peoples lives and thoughts, greener grass and just live in the moment and enjoy the life I am lucky to have. It is very easy to get caught up in the ‘worries’ and ‘stress’ that come along with the first world and especially our generation and everyone needs a perspective adjustment every now and then.

How cliché is that? well you can’t talk about new years resolutions without using cliché’s, right?



  1. I do all the things you just wrote, and I’m still on plan b even after 5 years teaching! I don’t particularly enjoy teaching now, I’m just fed up of it after 5 years, and sometimes I do think that it was a waste of 5 years of just teaching. But I try and think that it’s good for my cv, and it’s always something to fall back on. If and when you get another job, you can always teach English at night or whatever for extra income, so I try and think of it in that way. People will always be looking to learn English. Right now I’m trying to focus on learning Spanish, having 2 languages are better than 1. Maybe you should try focusing on learning that, seen that you are in Spain. Then the whole Spanish speaking world is open to you! At the moment I’ve no plan A OR B! My husband sister said that jobs are available at her company she works at….. in PARIS. We’ve never been too fussed on Paris or the people, but we might actually talk about it and see it as an option. So at the moment we are just going with the flow and (hopefully) everything will work. I also like to have a plan for the future, so not having one stresses me out big time!

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    1. Wow, sounds like we are completely in the same boat. That makes me feel way better! Yeah I feel like I am just going with the flow at the moment but with a new year you feel like the pressure to get things moving along!

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