I’m dreaming of a (stress-free and disconnected) Christmas…

Even for those who think Christmas is the best time of the year (me) it is still a stressful time. Buying presents you hope they like so it won’t be a massive waste of money (lost the receipts), last minute organising an attempt at a winter wardrobe and I know for sure that I can’t be the only one who gets stressed out at the thought of going home and seeing people whom you have a reason for not properly keeping in contact with. Old friends, ex-boyfriends, people whose names you can’t remember. And on top of the stress of present buying and seeing all the family (and facing the grilling about your 10 year plan) you also have to brace yourselves for bumping into those semi-forgotten faces.

And if your reading this and rolling your eyes thinking ‘first world problems’ (I am very aware that some people don’t get to see their families at Christmas or can’t afford anything at Christmas time, I just have to write from what I know here) well your goddamn right and you should probably just give up on this blog right now because as a very basic white girl living in a modest studio flat in Madrid, first world problems is what your gonna get (some of the time).

But anyway, say hypothetically, everyone feels the same anxiety I do about going to your home town and seeing people you want to and don’t want to at the busiest time of year where the pubs and streets are overflowing. Then why do we all feel the same pressure to show our lives off and flaunt our new clothes? Humble brag about jobs, boyfriends and money.

It is a truly exhausting charade that takes away from the real reason people get together- Christmas.

This is probably just all in my head. But it’s difficult to not think this way when we live in a world where likes on pictures matter more than levels of happiness. True happiness, not the pretend smiles and witty captions that go along with these photos.

And please don’t mistake me for thinking that I am the first person to point out that we are a generation hiding behind a mask that is social media. I know that I’m not. But can I be the first to ask for it to stop? Can we all make a conscious effort this Christmas to not spend our time posting pictures, recording Instagram stories, or taking selfies. Instead, drink wine in pyjamas, watch old Christmas films, eat way too much food and catch up with the people we actually want to see.

Who am I kidding, would it even be Christmas time if you didn’t let everyone know you were drinking hot chocolate while wearing that brand new glittery jumper?


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