El Movimiento

After many emotional good byes, a delayed and extremely turbulent flight, carrying 35 kilo worth of luggage up and down multiple metro steps (after getting lost) we finally arrived in our lush air bnb in Madrid. At the very least our unsettling 24 hours had landed us in a sweet location and most importantly a nice, comfy bed. First impression of Madrid by this point was; Idon’tgiveafuckjustletmeeatandsleep. This didn’t get much better after awakening in a very bright (there’s no blind on our window) and hot room feeling like I was jet-lagged even though I had slept for 11 hours straight and also only flew a 3 hour flight the day before.

Alas, the show must go on so we headed out sightseeing and I accomplished something I was so proud of myself for I was willing to call it a day there and then; I ordered coffee from Starbucks in Spanish. Even though they spoke back to me in English, clearly picking up on my terrible accent, it was a big achievement in my books.

My main pro tip so far is;  if you want to learn Spanish fast, try having an impromptu visit to the doctor when your boyfriends leg wound gets infected and none of the staff at the doctors office speak any English.  I was seemingly able to grasp most of it (Tom was pretty clueless) although we did have a minor mix up when I said he wasn’t allergic to anything when in fact he was allergic to penicillin.  Probably the worst allergy I could have been unaware of when sitting in front of a doctor,  but hey, I’m the one who understood how often he has to take them damn antibiotics.

Overall, I would say a pretty hectic but slightly productive couple of days. Even if I’ve been too scared to look into flats or bank accounts (being away from the UK has not improved my procrastination levels) at least I have a lovely room (for 3 weeks) and I know how to get a monthly metro card for 30 days (even if I haven’t done so yet) and I know what ‘dos antibióticos al día, uno en la mañana, uno en la noche’ means.

So if anyone needs a translator at the doctor in Spain, hit me up.

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