Cold Pizza or Credit Ratings?

I am having the Sunday-ist Monday ever and its lovely. I woke up with a terrible hangover (shocker) but after some leftover cold pizza and a cup of tea I felt ready and excited for a… duvet day. And what made it even better was the arrival of a new bed, which meant I didn’t have to spend the day balancing on a half fallen through bed, that was propped up with a couch cushion.

After much tea and sex and the city, I decided to brave another blog post here. I am now starting to realise the irony of my Blog title as its not so much my attempt at a blog, but my blog about me attempting to figure my life out. I guess the reoccurring theme of this blog will be me pondering random life things. Very mature of me.

So last night was a reunion of friends and a pub quiz, followed by lots of drunken chat and i love yous, an argument, and a creepy Spanish club. Why is it that, as we get older, late nights of dancing aren’t as fun as they should be, and hangovers are worse? Is it societies way of telling us to stop going out so that we will settle down, get 9-5 jobs and have kids? and save our money  for mortgages, cars, and tuition fees?

I feel like as a mature 23 year old, I’m at this uncomfortable in between phase where I would much rather just a couple of pints in a pub, followed by tea in bed, than shots in a raunchy Spanish club but also, the thought of settling down and saving for my future seems still way off for me. Which if I listen to the teeny tiny voice in my head, it really is something to start thinking about… now.

I think this has been more a list of nagging questions than an actual post, but nonetheless I am just asking for a solution for a 20 something year old who’s ideal night off involves tea, Netflix and a takeaway, but the thought of having kids and buying a house invokes feelings of nausea?

All answers are welcome!

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