Feelin’ Green and Unkeen

Is it acceptable to only write a blog post every couple of weeks and only when I am quite hungover? I didn’t think so. But here I am, having one of those hangovers where you feel like you are a bit of a waste of space and you really need to re-evaluate your life goals. Worst.

And as much as I would like to stick on Netflix and not come out from under my duvet until it’s a new day, I have sadly been living in a flat with no WiFi for 2 weeks (using this as an excuse for not posting). So here I am, in Starbucks, burying my sorrows in a cosy chai latte and trying to download movies on Netflix to watch offline, which is taking forever. Yes, I am aware how sad I probably look to bystanders but desperate times call for embarrassing measures. So really that’s why I’m rambling on here, to make it look like I am not here to simply download a load of TV so I can have something to watch when I put myself to bed at 7 pm.

Since I have been back in Edinburgh, I have fallen in love with the place again like I did the first time before I got used to seeing the same sights everyday and took it for granted. And with seeing everyone and enjoying the lovely Edinburgh Fringe, there is knots in my stomach at the thought of moving to Madrid.

I have always wanted to move to Spain and I am very sure that I will be so happy to experience a different lifestyle and culture when I’m there. I want to go, but I also want to stay in Edinburgh. At the end of the day, what am I going to do, stay in Edinburgh, be homeless and work in the Queens Arms forever? No. So I basically need a good kick up the arse and instead of being all nervous and mopey, embrace the time that I have in Edinburgh and stop avoiding making plans for Madrid. Edinburgh is only so sweet now because I have to leave it, which makes me wonder;

why is the grass always greener?

so on that note, here is some pictures of Edinburgh looking sweet and green.



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