How do you blog?

This is not a how to post on how to write a blog, this is a genuine question of mine. How do you write  a successful blog that doesn’t come off as self-centred and obnoxious? I’m asking as I created this blog about 2 weeks ago and still haven’t been able to write anything apart from my bio.

That is mainly down to working all the hours under the sun, run off my feet making sure all the impatient people of Edinburgh get their fancy cocktails and overpriced meals only to leave me a measly 50p tip for me (sometimes). But also to gain as much cash as possible in the  space of 5 weeks before Madrid.

So, I had planned to write my blog post today, my first day off in 8 days, and I am sticking to that. But due to the amount of alcohol consumed last night I am in no fit state to write anything interesting or meaningful, which begs the question, How do you blog? If anyone is reading this, answers in the comment section will be much appreciated.

And while we’re on the topic of nagging questions, why is it that after a night of drinking, I can put on a brave face and get through a 10 hour shift with a little complaining and a lot of energy, but when I finally have a day off with a sleep in and plans, I physically feel like I can not leave my bed? Yes, I am writing this from my bed which I have only left today to make tea and get a burrito and my day off is nearly over and I’m getting Sunday evening blues on a Tuesday.

If anyone has any motivation remedies to get me out of this bed and actually writing and doing interesting things, I’m all ears.

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